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Egg-cellent Behavior Egg Hunt

During the week leading up to Easter, I use a classroom management activity that helps motivate my students to make good choices and follow the rules. This especially is great for me this year, because it will be the week after Spring Break and will be a good reminder of classroom expectations.

Each student in my class gets 5 easter egg tickets on Monday. During the week if I see children being "EGG-tra" great then I will give them another egg ticket. If a child is choosing to make bad choices then they lose egg tickets. On Friday the children will get to go on a EGG-cellent Behavior Egg hunt that is put on by my room mothers and other parent helpers. The children get to find as many eggs as they have tickets for. The eggs will have candy, prizes, and numbers that match to LARGER prizes. The kids enjoy this and it really does help with positive behaviors!

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