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Elf on the Shelf

Visit my TpT store to see Santa's Little Helper Classroom Pack

About 12 years ago my mother came home and told me about the cutest thing she bought for her grandkids. She was so excited to start a new tradition with her precious angels and at that time I thought it was great but it had no use for me since I was in high school. Much to my surprise 12 years later I am now using it every year as a classroom tradition with my first graders. Each year Santa calls my classroom and announces that he is sending a little helper to our classroom during December. This special helper will be watching each day and will report back to Santa each night on the student’s behavior. If Santa likes the report he will send back a little gift with the elf. There have been some years where there were days when Santa was disappointed with my class’ behavior that day and didn’t send back a gift. The kids were devastated but I can promise the next day they were perfect little angels! It has been the most fun tradition I have done yet in my classroom. I highly recommend you getting the Elf on the Shelf pack at your local Target, Pottery Barn, or even on Amazon. I also have a great pack to incorporated with the holiday tradition. If you have questions about the pack or tradition leave me a comment!

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