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Blogging Memories of 2012

2012 has been a great year for my teaching career. I began my 7th year of teaching and I still love every minute of every day teaching first grade. Back in January of 2012 I was introduced to TPT by a coworker who has done pretty well selling her things she has used for technology use in the classroom. After debating if I would even make anything with all my things I finally did it. I joined TPT in February and I instantly saw the success one could have with this teaching tool. Each quarter I did better than the previous one and I ended this year with my highest pay out of $4,000!!

My husband and I have been soooo lucky to have the TPT profits as this past year we have been working on starting a family. We have been seeing a fertility specialist and paying everything out of pocket. We have been led to the direction of in vitro fertilization which is going to cost us ALOT, but we have been so blessed with the TPT funds to help speed up this process. We are excited to see what 2013 brings us soon!!

My TPT store has some great items for all subject areas. Some of my best selling items are below.

Do you need a patriotic unit that can help your students understand United States symbols or Famous Americans and Presidents? These are perfect for President's Day in February.

One of my favorite packs of 2012 that I created was my Elf on the Shelf unit. I updated and revamped my old pack and made it just perfect for the use of the Elf on the Shelf in the classroom. I LOVE my pack and my students looked forward to finding Frank the Elf and writing in their elf journal.

Another thing I started doing this summer was my classroom theme packs. One of my best seller classroom decoration theme packs was my jungle pack. I helped a fellow teacher at my school decorate her kindergarten class in a jungle theme using all in my pack. It turned out super cute!

2013 is going to be a great year of new ideas and products for my TPT store. I'm working on an animal life science pack that is going to match up to first grade-third grade content standards. It's a VERY large pack and I'm very excited to get it up in January to my store. I will also begin working on more classroom theme packs so if you have ideas of classroom themes you would like to see in my store leave me a comment and let me know! Again, thank you again for all your support this past year and hears to the new year that is approaching! Happy New Year!!