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We Will Remember Those Students and Teachers

December 14th, 2012 started out as a wonderful school day as I travelled to school getting ready to celebrate my 29th birthday with my class. But when news hit of the school shooting in Connecticut around 10:45 a.m. mountain time my day quickly changed. Coworkers and I stood by the computers and tvs watching the news coming in about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. We watched as developing news changed and we worked together to ensure that our students at my elementary school DID NOT hear about this awful tragedy. We then went into a lock down as well but the students went on with their day and didn't know a thing was going on. Their innocent minds didn't need to fear their lives at school and to know there was something wrong in our country. I watched my class perform their Christmas program, we had Christmas around the World presentations, and we sang all afternoon to keep smiles on their beautiful faces. I couldn't imagine the terror on the faces of the parents, students and staff members of Sandy Hook Elementary. Their lives changed that day in a brief 20-30 minutes of time. But they did all they could to protect their own. Heroes were shown that day. They weren't wearing their military uniforms, however these were ordinary teachers who in a moment of terror made the right choice to protect the innocent lives of their students. As a first grade teacher and knowing so many precious lives were lost from those students and staff members, I wanted to post today and let my blog followers know that my thoughts and prayers go out to the whole community and to the Sandy Hook Elementary staff and students. I pray each night for the families of the children and hope for a recovery and knowledge that their little children are with God and protected now. They will now forever be our Guardian Angels.

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