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Teacher Week 2013 - Let's Talk About Me Monday

I'm so excited to be teaming up with some great teachers this year doing Teacher Week 13. Stay tuned all week for some fun stuff and giveaways! Since today is Monday, to start us off its all about ME, the creative teacher behind this fabulous blog! So I have compiled a few facts and included some fun pictures. Happy Monday!

1. I teach first grade and have done so for 4 years. Before teaching first I taught 2nd grade for three years and fourth grade for one year. My passion is the younger kiddos but I believe creativity and fun can be done in ALL grades! PS. The picture is me when I was in first grade (gotta love the perm!)

2. I've been married for 7 years to my amazing husband Jon. We me
t at school in Utah and have been in love ever sense. I am the luckiest lady to have him as my hubby because of all the nice things he does for me! Love you babe!

3. I am TOTALLY obsessed with Diet Coke. I have to have one every morning and act as if it's my morning coffee. My new obsession is dirty diet coke. Sounds interesting huh? Well it's just pina colada and lime flavors added to a delicious Diet Coke. Yummy!

4. I am the youngest of 3 wonderful girls. I have the most amazing parents who have been happily married for 35 years. I love my family and I'm grateful every day for the influence they are on my life.

5. My guilty pleasure is anything BRAVO TV. I absolutely love Real Housewives (of every city) and the real estate shows. Shhhh... don't tell anyone but my hubby watches them with me too!

6. I have walked on the Great Wall of China. In 2008 I did a dental humanitarian trip with my dad to Suquin, China. We worked in schools teaching hygiene, did cleft lip repairs, and taught dental students. It was the neatest experience and I will never forget the time spent with my Dad and being able to learn the Chinese culture.

7. And...... last but not least I am really goofy. I love to have fun and do crazy things! The craziest thing that I have ever done you ask? Well.................... okay I am not that crazy but I am still pretty fun! :)

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