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Marshmallow Points REVIEW

Hello friends! I hope each of you had a fabulous Christmas! My wish to all of you is to enjoy the next week or so with your family and friends. Make sure you get some ME time before heading back for the 2nd semester of school! I know I'm planning on relaxing and getting a few chores and projects done that I never have time during the school year!

Almost a year ago I posted a great classroom management reward system for January that my students LOVE! This post was one of my first posts on the blog and I was very new to whole blogging world. I have had TONS of people ask for a template for my hot cocoa mugs where I keep the marshmallows for the tables. So please check out my post about this great management tool here. Then download my google doc document that I created. I'm sorry the mugs look different than mine. It was an old DJ Inker clipart and I can't seem to find it on my Mac for some reason. But you get a few options with the document I created. Hope you enjoy!

Snag this freebie here!

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