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Back to School Boost

Did you hear about your LAST chance to BOOST your classroom for BACK TO SCHOOL?!?! TPT is giving us all one more chance at products we may have not gotten during the back to school sale a few weeks ago. I don't know about you but I have already filled my cart with MANY great items. What are you stocking up on?

One of my favorite items I have purchased lately are the flip flap books like the Water Cycle one by Simply Skilled in Second. My 2nd graders are working on theirs this week and are LOVING this fun, hands one craft to illustrate their understanding of the water cycle.

Another great resource is this interactive math notebook. I have loved using math journals in my class this year and I love The Imagination Nook's fun printables to help review key concepts in math.

Talk about a lifesaver. These Common Core Math Assessments created by Emily at Education to the Core are AWESOME! I have been looking for something like this for awhile and I can't wait to print and organize these to use all year!

I've loved using the weather unit that Stephanie Stewart over at Falling into First created. I purchased the bundled pack because I LOVE the weather unit so much!

Thanks to all these creative teachers and for 
creating such wonderful products! 

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