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Classroom Reveal 2014-2015

This summer I spent most of my vacation moving 800 miles southwest from Denver to Phoenix. Much of June I spent getting my new house in order and then July I worked on my new 2nd grade classroom. I decided to switch themes this year since I was at a new school and new grade level. I've always loved the black with pops of colors so I created my Monster Mania Classroom Theme.

The night of Meet the Teacher my little 2nd graders got to take home a one eyed monster goody bag with all kinds of goodies. They loved it!
These 2 bulletin boards are my "We've Got Our EYE on YOU" spotlight board and my Happy Birthday board. I love making my board pop out and 3D so I got a mylar balloon and party hat thanks to Dollar Tree!
Monster Chores and daily calendar board. In 2nd grade we don't use calendar as much as I did in first grade but this calendar included in my theme pack can be made to fit any grade levels.
My little corner that I don't spend much time but I like it being clean and organized. Also do you notice my Diet Coke? Of course.... a class room set up can't happen without some DC!

One of my favorite parts of my pack is my clip chart. It turned out sooooo stinkin' cute. It's so awesome it's scary!!
Monster Masterpieces will one day hang here soon!

Probably my favorite and most complimented part of my classroom are my adorable monsters!

On the first day of school my students made these GREAT coffee filter monster heads. They turned out so funny! They catch everyone's attention as they walk by in the hall!
These rules and my alphabet above my white board are the only 2 parts that aren't in my theme pack. Thanks to some awesome sellers for great products as well!

Grab a freebie from my theme pack here! Best of luck with your new classroom this year too!
 Nametag Freebie

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  1. Love it! Where can I see the pictures larger? They are too small on this page.

    Thank you.