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Five for Friday

What a busy week this past week has been. But, I'm so excited to be doing this linky party for the first time this week. Below you will find 5 random facts about my crazy week. Hope you enjoy and have a FABULOUS 3 day weekend! We made it to Labor Day weekend friends!

There isn't enough Diet Coke in the world to help this teacher make it through parent conferences, but I'm officially done and all my parents showed up this year. That doesn't happen too often! SO happy to be at a new school where there is SOOO much parent support!

I'm loving this bulletin board that I created to showcase my 2nd graders HILARIOUS diaries of a spider. The story was our anchor text last week and we did many great things with this fun story.

The past 3 years have been the best because I was able to meet this girl and teach along side my best friend! It's been really rough moving 500 miles away from her and not having the ability to walk about 20 steps to her neighboring classroom. I'm forever grateful for Chassity and look forward to our big changes even if we are long distance BFFs! Miss you like crazy Boomer!

I started a new linky party this week where teachers can share their tried and true teaching tips. I may only have a few bloggers join this week, but those few had GREAT teaching tips that I want to try too! I can't wait for more to join!

I finally cleaned up my desktop and found time to organize my files. Now I only have a few items left to finish and post to my TPT store. My new print and go activities in reading are so fun! I can't wait to preview them!

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