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Gingerbread Exchange 2014

This past week my 2nd  graders had a great time creating a gingerbread man to go along with the gingerbread man exchange we are a part of. We started out by reading different versions of the gingerbread man story. We compared and contrasted the different stories and even wrote our own versions of the gingerbread man!

After we were familiar with the story, I took my class on a virtual field trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I showed pictures of the city and we even looked up the local weather. My second graders then learned about the exchange and I told them our buddy class was a 2nd grade class in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! My kids were soooooo excited! I don't know which they were more excited for, the fact they were sending their precious gingerbread men/women to a state across the United States or the fact they were receiving a set of different gingerbread kids from a school that is very different from their own.

This exchange has been a fun activity for my students and I to take part in. I want to thank Jennifer Kadar over at Simply Kinder for organizing the entire thing! We now patiently wait for our package from Pennsylvania and we can't wait!

Many asked from my Facebook page for a copy of my activity I did with my gingerbread men. 
Click here for the free google doc! Enjoy!

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