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April Fools Joke

Tomorrow is April 1st and that means it's time to trick those kiddos of yours. Everyday they are tricking and teasing you, why not take advantage of a little April Fools trick yourself? I have a fun one that always tricks the kids that I wanted to share.

I cut out on the die cut machine a bunch of brown construction paper letter e's. I then put them on a plate and cover them with tin foil. In the morning I tell the class that I made them some brownies (brown e's) and I will share them with them at the end of the day IF they obey and are on their best behavior. All day I use the brownies as incentive as I remind them to make good choices. Then when that end of day bell rings and they ask if they get their brownies, you get excited and say of course! Acting so thrilled to share you will tear off the tin foil and reveal the brown paper e's. The class looks at you confused and then all of sudden the light bulbs go off and they start to laugh and usually yell! Hopefully no tears are shed because they will know its only a joke. Usually I have another plate of REAL brownies that I share them and wish them each a Happy April Fools Day!

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