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March Blogger Match-up Information

It's a teacher blogger match-up NCAA style!

I'm looking for teacher bloggers who are ready to compete against each other for a fun interactive giveaway for followers and fellow teacher bloggers. Here are the details.

Each participant will be randomly paired with a 2015 NCAA bracket team. You will cheer on your team and hope your team wins each round. If your team loses you will need to share a product from your TPT store ($5 or more) with the blogger you competed against. Then you must also run a giveaway on your own blog to give the same product to a follower on your blog or Instagram. You can use rafflecopter and run your giveaway however you would like. Don’t forget to use the image/button created (sent out soon) and the hashtags to advertise and get everyone excited! 

If you are interested please visit this following link and complete the sign-up.

Forms need to be completed by Monday by 7pm PST.
Contest begins this week depending on number of participants. Be on the lookout for an email regarding start dates and team assignments! Also be thinking how you can advertise and cheer on teams on your own blog and Instagram.


  1. I just signed up for this awesome link-up and giveaway! I'm offering my triple "sparkle notecard" set for the giveaway, but can also include my mad science matter experiments, if you want something academic. Let me know what you think!
    Hugs, Lindsey

  2. So sad I missed this!! I did find your blog because of bloggers participating in it though! I'm your newest follower! I'm excited to read posts about this fun link up!! :)

    Jungle Learners