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Adoption Fundraiser

Ever since we got married, my husband and I have had one dream and that's to be called Mom and Dad! We are hoping and praying to adopt some day soon! Our road to adoption has been long, emotional, full of discouragement with infertility, loss of loved ones and our dream hasn’t come true quite yet. 

The cost of adoption ranges from $25,000- $50,000 and we are looking for your support! We would love for you to help raise awareness of adoption by purchasing a Booster t-shirt to support our fundraiser. Our story and t-shirt purchasing can be done using the link provided. Shirts can be purchased today! Please share this with your family and friends! Use Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools to get the word out there. 

Adopting one child won’t change the world. But for that one child, the world will change!

Thank you for your support! Love you all!

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