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Egg-cellent Behavior Idea

Do you want a fun engaging classroom idea for your students to keep them excited the week before Easter or spring break? Then this idea is for you! 

To start off, I give each child in my class 5 tickets. These tickets could be the tear off tickets from the roll that we are familiar with or you can print a simple document with a bunny or easter egg clipart on it. You can use the attached document for one that I created for you. Then during the week when you catch a student with EGG-cellent behavior you reward them with a ticket. To increase classroom management you can also take away tickets for poor choices during the day. I can't tell you how excited my kids get during this contest. They eat this up! Then on the last day before Easter, you have parents donate filled eggs and you hide them. I used some 5th grade helpers to hide my eggs this afternoon while we were at lunch and it worked out PER-FECT-LY! It melted my heart to watch my kids find the eggs and then sit there thrilled to pieces to open up and find simple pieces of candy and toys! I love seeing smiles and days like this help me remember how blessed I am to 
inspire the lives of little ones!


  1. What a fun idea! I love this!! Can't wait to use this next year!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. My kids love egg hunts. We did a glow in the dark one- fun!!
    Mrs. P’s Specialties

  3. I love this idea! It could replace my punch cards during the Easter period :)
    Mme Gauthier's French Class