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Tropical Getaway 2015

I can't believe its been over a month since my Spring Break getaway to the Southern Caribbean! Words won't express how much this trip meant to me and my husband and what an amazing time we had. Jon and I have been married for almost 9 years and believe it or not we haven't done a "real" vacation just the two of us (until now). I don't count trips to see families and trips to the lake or places close by. Most the time when we travel we travel alone and not with each other (how sad is that?). Anyway, long story short, we deserved this trip and we took full advantage of every minute we had!

The trip began with an unexpected hiccup when my luggage got lost somewhere between Houston and Aruba. We made the best out of it and I got to do some shopping our first few days in Curacao. Curacao was our first destination. What a beautiful island! The people are so friendly and wonderful. I love the dutch culture! We stayed at the Santa Barbara Resort which is located on the south end of the island on a plantation. It was secluded and LOVELY! I loved the quiet and peaceful atmosphere at this resort. We had everything we dreamed of and more (including AMAZING food). 

Downtown Willemstad was so fun. The architecture is so neat! Bright colors, tall buildings and the beach right behind you. I think I could live here. The shopping was fabulous! Jon loved stopping at EVERY booth or store to find some sort of knick back to take home with us! 

Towards the end of our trip we spent a few days in Aruba which is directly west of Curacao. These two islands make up 2/3 of the ABC's of the Caribbean - Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao! Just a little educational fact for you! Aruba was beautiful as well but more populated and touristy than Curacao. Our resort in Aruba had it's own island! We were able to see Flamingo Bay where wild flamingoes frolic with you on the beach and peck at your beach towels! 

While visiting Aruba we came across the Dutch Pancake House. Oh. My. Gosh. Best Swedish pancake I have ever had and will ever have! They were so amazing, we went both days we were there. I'm still salivating as I remember! 

Our trip was absolutely perfect! We were able to take time away from our busy lives and enjoy each other and see a new place in the world. We were able to relax and enjoy the sunshine which was all I cared about. We are already starting to plan our next Caribbean vacation! Where to next?

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  1. Fun!!! I LOVE the Caribbean! It looks like you had an amazing time!