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Dare to Dream - TPT Seller Challenge

When I first began TPT in 2012, I did it to start giving back to teachers all over the world. I was taking time to create things for my own classroom, why not give them to others to utilize? It took off pretty fast and I realized shortly after, that this adventure was going to help me do so much more for myself and others. In the last 3 years I have been able to do many things because of TPT. I also get to do what I love each and every week, share my creativity! Each day I wake up and think about how I can do more or be better. I dream of the future and what it holds for me and my family.

My husband and I have been trying to start a family for 5 years now. We have battled many fertility treatments, one pregnancy that was cut short due to anencephaly, and many emotional ups and downs. I learned much about myself and how to cope with difficult trials. I realized quickly how I lived such an easy life. My husband and I learned that fertility issues weigh on a marriage heavily. I felt like I was a let down to my husband because I wasn't able to give him his children which he dreamt of having for so long! Now 5 years later having a feeling to stop fertility treatments to explore the adoption path, we have been blessed by so many things and now are preparing for our hopeful adoption. We have been blessed with so many supportive family and friends and in addition have the blessing of TPT and other financial support. We hope to continue to save the money that we need to bring home a baby one day soon so that I can continue to do TPT full time and raise our family we have both wanted for so long!

This past spring we were fortunate to take some time and travel to Curacao and Aruba in the Caribbean. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and hadn't taken a REAL vacation. It was the best week ever! We were able to focus on each other and put our stresses of life aside for a week. We grew closer and were reminded that the little things matter. I hope we can continue to travel and enjoy each other. It's those moments that help remind everyone that even if we are in the middle of a difficult time that we should hang on to those blessings that we have. My husband is a blessing in my life. He has been my support through it all. He encourages me to do better each and every day. I'm blessed in so many ways and with so many things. I'm grateful to have the opportunities that  I do with my career and TPT. Thank you to the ladies hosting this TPT Challenge. It's been a great opportunity for each of the teachers participating to reflect and take time to remember our blessings in our lives.


  1. Sending positive thoughts out into the universe for you and your hopeful adoption! Thank you for sharing your story.
    Literacy Loves Company

  2. This warms my heart! I am praying for you and you family! Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. What wonderful goals! I wish you all the best with your adoption dreams and I hope TpT continues to help make things a reality! ~ Lis

  4. First of all, your products are so cute! I will have to go check them out! Thank you so much for sharing your personal story! I pray that you are able to adopt a little one quickly! You have such a positive attitude and I am so happy you and your husband were able to take a vacation together!

  5. Wonderful goals, Ashlyn! I keep praying for you and your family! :)

    The Sharpened Pencil

  6. Wonderful post and goals!!

    Bobbi Bates