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Me Museum - Build a Positive Classroom Community

Build a Positive Classroom Community That First Week of School

Building a classroom community where your students feel safe, trusted and loved is important during the first few weeks of school. Doing so, you will see many benefits including a successful year. This past week our second grade class had our ME MUSEUM day. On the first day of school the students got their first homework assignment which was the Me Museum assignment sheet attached to 3 index cards and a rectangle card stock sheet that was cut 4 in x 11 in (any size works). They took this home and worked on their Me Museum display all week. They brought their display items on Friday and we set them up on their desks. I went over the expectations during the Me Museum Gallery Walk... 

1. No touching the displays
2. Use kind words to compliment our classmates
3. Use time wisely and stay engaged during the gallery walk

I was shocked that all my 2nd graders after being in school for 5 days could handle these tasks effortlessly! After we all walked around and observed the displays, we all came together and talked about what we saw. I had each child compliment another child's display sharing what they liked and why. Then we shared something new that we learned about a classmate. I modeled these before the students shared. At this point, I took my students to recess and while they were outside, I took post it notes and walked around and left each child a compliment next to their display! The students loved sharing hobbies and interests about themselves and I especially loved learning about each one of my students!


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