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Paper Bag Novel Studies - Make Your Masterpiece TPT Challenge #3

I'm so grateful to be a part of the TPT Seller Challenge these past few weeks. It has kept me busy and motivated to get things accomplished. Believe it or not our first day of school is 2 weeks from tomorrow! WHAT!?!?!? I know CRAZY! So with Vegas this week and reporting back to school the following week my summer is basically over! I can't wait to celebrate my last official week of break in Vegas with my blogging besties and meeting some of you!

This past week the challenge was to create a masterpiece. I've had this idea in the back of my mind of doing paper bag books for many things in my classroom. I'm so excited with how these novel/literature studies turned out. The best part of these paper bag books is they aren't too time consuming so you aren't taking time away from the most important part of the novel study.... reading the amazing novel! 

Each paper bag novel study has all the interactive notebook flaps and inserts for each page of your paper bag book. It includes cover page, topic preview, making predictions, analyzing characters, setting, vocabulary pull-out cards, chapter summary pull-outs (pull-outs go into the bag sleeves so you can fit multiple vocabulary words and chapter summaries), story sequencing accordion (chapter by chapter or first, next, then, last), and a book review. 

The first 3 paper bag novel studies have been added to my store. The last 4 will be added by Tuesday! I will be making a 2nd-3rd grade novel study bundle of all 7 titles for $20.00. I've had a few requests to do the same thing for kinder and first so I will begin working on that soon! 

Have you heard of Polka Dot and Pals? Well if you haven't seen this adorable clipart, you need to check her creativity out! I've loved every moment of working with Lauren and will continue to use her wonderful clipart in many of my packs. Her cute stick people clipart makes me laugh each time I see how adorable they turn out! You can see her creations in each of my paper bag novel studies! One of her newest packs is the Create-a-Pal Pack. I went ahead and made a couple pals to match what I look like. My hair is usually down and wavy because I'm too lazy to straighten it or swept up in a messy bun! Aren't these adorable? Head over to her TPT store to check out Polka Dot and Pals fun clipart and start using it today!


  1. Ashlyn,

    These turned out SO amazing! This is such a creative way to do a novel study! I LOVE it! Thanks for the shout-out, too! I can't wait to collaborate on a first grade/kindergarten set!

  2. These are too cute! Don't forget to link up to our linky on my blog!

    Ps. I LOVE Lauren's create a pal pack too :)

    Sparkling in Second

  3. Love everything about this post! Your very creative! The clip art is adorable, and definitely something I will check out :)

    The Third Grade Nest

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