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Station Organization

Building an organized station time in reading is important to help your students learn in a positive learning environment where expectations and procedures are clear. I have tried many ways to organize rotations of my Daily 5 stations and this by far has been my best and easiest way to organize my students. The students will rotate through 4 stations each day. Each station is between 12-15 minutes each depending on your schedule. Each station is part of the Daily 5 stations. The 5th station  which is a listen to reading activity is done daily through teacher read aloud or whole group reading lessons. 

R- Read to Self (Independent Reading)
E- Exploring Words (Word Work)
A- At Your Seat Writing (Work on Writing)
D- Duo Reading (Read to Someone/Buddy Reading)

I've included this station set-up in my TPT store. All you need to do is print, laminate and grab a pocket chart and you are ready to go!

Be confident with your students and know that the more you expect from them with organization the better the year will go. Set the procedures at the beginning and you will have a successful year!

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