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What's in Your TPT Cart?

I started school 2 weeks ago and I've been stocking up my shopping cart awaiting this BIG TPT Back to School sale. I've been counting down the days and wanted to share with you some amazing deals I can't wait to cash in on today and tomorrow! So what's in your shopping cart?

 Journeys Interactive Notebook Bundle

The adorable Bubbly Blonde Teacher has caught my creative eye with these interactive notebook packs that pair perfectly with the 2nd Grade Journeys stories. I already have 2 units and I can't wait to stock up on a few more for the year! She certainly saved this teacher's time and energy with these bundles!

 Blair Turner

Another HUGE time saver are these task card packs from the amazing Blair Turner and Mrs. 3rd Grade. I can't wait to buy, print, laminate and use all year in my math stations! Thank you Blair and Cassandra for creating a fun way for students to review key math skills each and every day.

 Daily Word Problem Bundle

So I couldn't wait till the sale to purchase this BIG KAHUNA because I needed it and I needed it now! So I wanted to share how FABULOUS this bundle of problem solving problems for each month is from Peppy Zesty Teacherista. I can't begin to thank her enough for making this! I already have began using August in my class for problem solving notebooks and I LOVE everything about this and you will too!
 Monster Multiplication

Did someone say MONSTERS? Okay I may have a HUGE obsession with cute lil' monsters but come on people, have you seen my classroom? I about died when I saw Jennifer from The Blessed Teacher's Monster Multiplication pack. YES PLEASE!

 SOS Binder

Do you want organized students this year? Want your kids to take home and bring back everything everyday (okay maybe that's not a promise with this product - HAHA)? Well Tami from O-H So Blessed has the best thing for YOU! Check out her S.O.S Binder so you can create an organized learning environment so your students can achieve this school year!

 Sentence Builder BUNDLE

Do you teach kindergarten or 1st grade? I am wishing I had this amazing bundle from Caitlin from The Kinder Garden when I did. Sight words are so important for the primary grades for reading and writing. I love how Caitlin took and created fun monthly sentence builders for the entire year!

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