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You've Got Reading in the BAG!

Interactive and creative hands on paper bag novel studies.

Imagine you begin school and you have a class full of eager readers who are ready for the excitement of learning new skills in literacy. They are ready for new books with incredible stories. You hope to nurture their love for reading throughout the year and then you give them a book to read during your guided reading group or literature circle and they become bored...

Unfortunately this could be any of us and I have created an engaging and interactive resource to fix boredom during your literacy block. These interactive paper bag novel studies are great for any student. They are hands on and fun! They bring the story to life and help your readers reflect on the literature they read throughout the year. 

Interactive and creative hands on paper bag books for popular novel studies

Each novel study includes interactive foldable pieces to add to your paper bag book. The books are easy to assemble and fun to use in ANY classroom. The paper bag books include:

cover page
topic preview
character analysis
chapter summaries
essential vocabulary
book review

The following are the current paper bag novel studies available for purchase in my TPT store. These stories are appropriate for 2nd and 3rd grades. Many could be used in a 1st grade or 4th grade classroom as well. I'm currently reading Fantastic Mr. Fox as a read aloud to my 2nd graders and completing a paper bag novel study as a read aloud activity.

 Because of Winn Dixie Paper Bag Novel Study

 Charlotte's Web Paper Bag Novel Study

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Paper Bag Novel Study

 Fantastic Mr. Fox Paper Bag Novel Study

 Gooney Bird Greene Paper Bag Novel Study

 My Father's Dragon Paper Bag Novel Study

 Sarah Plain and Tall Paper Bag Novel Study

If you want to have nurture creative readers and HAVE READING IN THE BAG this year, don't hesitate to add these paper bag novel studies to your reading curriculum this year!

Check out the seven story bundle for grades 2nd and 3rd to save $8 on your paper bag novel studies today! In addition, I also have a customized option where you can have me create a paper bag novel study for any book of your choice! 

 Paper Bag Novel Studies BUNDLE

 Customized Paper Bag Novel Study

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  1. Cool one!
    especially part about book reviews
    Not everybody can understand how difficult is to create a book review that will be equally good as book