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Teacher Thoughts

Teacher Thoughts School Theme

I'm excited to share a fun way to share positive words with your students in ways that can help each of them build confidence and feel love. This idea came from our old fashion lunch box notes that our parents left each of us that melted our hearts and let us know how much our parents loved us. This is the same idea. TEACHERS leave these THOUGHTful notes in places to remind students they are proud of what they are doing in the classroom. 

You can leave them anywhere from their lunch boxes, backpacks, reading books, work, and even pencil boxes. Wait till you catch the surprise and happiness on their faces when they find a TEACHER THOUGHT. Students will keep and treasure these simple positive reminders because they come from you! 

Additional themes will be added to my TPT store soon so you can use TEACHER THOUGHTS all year long! 

Sharing Sunshine

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  1. Loved your Periscope today. Cute notes!

  2. I LOVE this idea!! I can't wait to pick these up to share some Teacher Thoughts around my classroom!! Thank you for sharing such a great idea!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade