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Five for Friday - The Aftermath of Halloween

Five for Friday

I'm so excited to finally be
 joining Doodle Bugs Teaching again for another round of Five For Friday!  Here are 5 random things about my week. Enjoy!

Monday morning came by a surprise. I must have been in a candy coma because apparently I slept through Arizona Earthquake 2015... SAY WHAT?!? Neighbors and friends say it sounded like a train was coming through their house or that someone was trying to break in the house. I guess my Halloween weekend made me pretty tired to sleep through all that commotion!

Every year after Halloween I tell my students they can bring candy in and I will pay them classroom dollars in trade. Parents love this because it gets rid of the bags and bags of candy the kids are hiding in their closets and under their beds. Something new that I did this year (thanks to Mrs. 3rd Grade) was told the kids they needed to bring at least 12 pieces of Halloween candy. We used the candy all week in math for building multiplication arrays, graphing, and then even wrote a persuasive paragraph about our opinions of our favorite candy. The kids favorite part was our end of week activity that we did alongside our 4th grade buddies. I gave each group 20 different pieces of trick or treat candy, 10 tooth picks, 12 inches of masking tape, and a paper plate. As a group they had 15 minutes to build the tallest free standing candy tower. The students LOVED this. They were all very creative engineers with this engaging STEM activity.

Candy Math

The stress of the holidays is upon us and last week I had a moment when I pulled my dirty unbrushed hair up in a messy bun and realized I had MEGA gray hair issues. I know, big problems!!! I immediately called my stylist and said, "HELP!" She luckily made time for me and I was able to get my hair done. No more light. Say hello to this brunette! Going back to my roots!

Now that the candy eating holiday is over, its time to focus on my health and exercise plan AGAIN. I'm running a race on Thanksgiving that I need to get ready for and I've been doing pretty good with my running routine. One thing that has been suffering is my macros. It's time to get my rear in gear so I can enjoy the holiday season. I love using IIFYM. If you haven't heard of this eating plan, you need to check it out. It's a healthy way to make sure you are balancing the macro nutrients (protein, carbs and fats). 

I was so excited to pull out my Thanksgiving theme Teacher Thoughts this week and begin attaching them to work and leaving the notes on kid's desk this month. My 2nd graders LOVE my Teacher Thoughts. They love getting noticed by their teacher and they really enjoy taking them home to show what they earned during the week. I make sure I attach a positive Teacher Thought on my weekly work that I send home on Mondays each week. 

Positive Teacher Notes

Positive Teacher Notes

1 comment

  1. I love your little thank you notes! Those are just adorable, and I know my kids would love them, too. I added them to my wishlist. :)

    I'm going to check out your food plan. I am in desperate need of a change. I just have to do it. No excuses. None. Good luck with your reboot and race!