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Positive Teacher Love

There are so many wonderful things about teaching that I could go on for days about. All of those things are the reasons I decided 13 years ago that I wanted to become a teacher. When people ask me what I love about teaching my number one response and one I use almost always is that I love making kids smile and seeing them achieve something big. The most rewarding thing about teaching is seeing the growth that occurs during the short time your students are with you. It's incredible really to see all that they can do when they leave your classroom. These incredible achievements are what we as teachers love to celebrate. Celebrating the little successes every day is what makes teaching so wonderful! It's the one thing that I love most... Seeing a big smile across a student's face when they do something tough. 

One thing that I've loved using this year are my positive teacher notes. These notes motivate my students to keep trying. These notes recognize students for accomplishing something. These notes are just one way we can recognize each and every student in our classrooms. 

Teacher Thoughts are easy to prep and great to attach to student work, leave on desks of students for a little surprise when they come back into the classroom or something to send home with the child to show their parents.

So why should we boost our students confidence and show them love in the classroom? First off confident learners participate more, speak more and often times are great problem solvers. Confident students aren't always accurate students. That means sometimes students make mistakes but confident students realize their mistakes, accept the mistakes and learn from them. We want all of our students to be confident and feel accepted and loved in the classroom. Teachers showing care and love to the students builds student's confidence. Not getting upset or discouraged with students when they aren't performing well or if they made a bad choice is key. We must have a positive outlook on our student's behavior and academic levels always. Here are some ways to help nurture a confident and positive learning environment in your classroom.

1. Praise your students - Model this action to your students. Give them compliments. Share your love and excitement when they do something great. When teachers model this behavior students begin to offer praise and compliments to their peers.

2. Don't correct everything the student makes errors on - If they are speaking and making errors. Let them finish and find one thing you can correct them on and help them fix. We don't want to discourage students in finding errors in everything that they do. 

3. Give them chances to succeed - Allow opportunities for your students to do something difficult and complete it with confidence and determination. 

4. Remember that you might be their only positive example in their life - In many cases the teacher is the only person in their life that believes in them. Don't forget that they need you. They need your smiles and motivation each and every day. 

Building a positive, loving and confident learning environment is essential for student success. Make a goal this year to motivate each of your students every day. Show love by giving them compliments, smiles or a little note to cheer them up and make them feel loved and noticed.


  1. What a precious idea! I tried getting to this post on the linky but the permalink may be broken?

  2. This is adorable! You do so much other teachers! We love you!