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Find Your Passion And Make It Happen - French Lick Teacher Retreat 2016

What is PASSION?
 passion [pash-uh n] n: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling

Passion is something that we each have deep down in our souls. We are each teachers and our passion is what we do every single day in the classroom. It's emotional and empowering. What other profession can you say you go and make a difference in children's lives each day? 

Teachers are human, therefore we have trials. We have days that we don't want to get up and fight the battles we face. Kim Bearden from the Ron Clark Academy said it perfectly, "All the things that are happening to me, don't define ME. Uplifting kids does." We as educators need to remember that those precious students of ours are our PASSION. They are what keep us going. They are the reason we try to be better every day as teachers. 

I was fortunate to attend the French Lick Teacher Retreat. I chose to attend this amazing event because I needed it. I needed to get inspired and rejuvenated by being around such amazing teachers and bloggers. The meet-up was two days at the French Lick Resort in Indiana. I haven't done much traveling to the Midwest so I was super excited to see a part of the United States that I hadn't seen before. The trip began in Chicago, Illinois where I met up with Lindsey and Jameson (fellow teachers and TPTers). We road tripped southeast (I think that was the direction we went-HA!) about 6 hours. Pretty sure it felt like 8-10 hours because of the slow traffic, lost freeway and a scary finale of our traveling experience. 

Once we finally arrived we enjoyed a weekend of being reminded of our passion of teaching. We met teachers who travelled to be at this retreat to meet teacher bloggers. We got to reconnect with other TPTer bloggers that we adore. We met new friends who we will forever remember and be inspired by. 

Holly Ehle organized such an amazing event filled with round table discussion, teacher tool gift swap, product giveaways and so much more. Every teacher went home with amazing goodies to try in their classroom and a huge smile on their face!

The night ended with a fun 80's party that we took to the extreme with themed costumes. Teachers want to ROCK ON all night, so we dressed up as 80's rock icons, Madonna, Axl Rose and Tommy Lee. The night was a blast as we danced, karaoked and posed for many pictures!

Passion is a fire that we have burning inside us. Don't lose your fire! Be reminded of what fuels your fire (passion) and make it happen every single day for your students and yourself!

Click the linky button below to check out more about our fun and inspiring weekend from other teacher bloggers. Also enter the giveaway as well for some great SWAG from the meet-up. 


  1. Looks like fun! Maybe I will have to go if they do it next year! I would most like to have the TPT prize!

  2. I love that you rocked the 80's attire. Impressive!

  3. Dude. EPIC weekend. EPIC
    Jameson (AKA Tommy.)
    Lessons With Coffee 

  4. So happy we got to meet you in real life! You are wonderful! And so darn much fun!!!! You were rockin' Madonna, girl! Hope you have a great week!

  5. Loved this fun weekend and meeting so many creative, passionate, and fun teachers! We especially loved connecting and learning from so many of you! Thanks!

  6. I'm the most creative when I'm in the middle of teaching something. I'll get inspiration and implement it right then or create something for the following lesson!