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Get Organized with Prioritizing Your Tasks at Home or in the Classroom

Do you have a difficult time prioritizing your tasks on your to-do lists each day? As teachers we have so many things we have to do daily and I've been using a system of TWO-Do lists that has helped me be successful in crossing off important tasks but also completing other things that I enjoy and want to make sure I leave room for. 

Get organized by prioritizing your tasks into TWO categories- Must Do and Might Do

I came up with the Two-Do List because I had TWO categories of tasks every single time I made a to-do list for home, school, or when I'm working on my TPT products. I always had the MUST DO tasks. These are tasks that sometimes can feel overwhelming or bothersome but they are the things that I have to do. Whether it's a blog post for a link up or it's making a product for a growing bundle in my store, they are things that I have to do because people are depending on them. Then I have things that I MIGHT DO if and only if I have time or get the MUST DO tasks done. Things on my MIGHT DO list may include new product ideas that I'm excited to work on, but remember you can't get to those if you haven't finished your MUST DO list

Get organized with prioritizing your tasks at home or in the classroom.

Some days or weeks I will complete one MUST DO task and then do one MIGHT DO task. That way I get to enjoy doing those tasks that I'm excited about. For example, you might have a list at school and one thing you have to get done is report cards, but you really have an urge to clean out and organize your art supply cabinet. Use your second task as a reward for completing the MUST DO or the priority task of finishing report cards. We are teachers and we love rewarding our students for accomplishing things in our classrooms, why can't we do the same for ourselves once in awhile? 

Get organized with prioritizing your tasks at home or in the classroom.

Hopefully you can find a way to do what you love and do it 100%. Organize your life at school and at home using these TWO-DO lists with TWO simple task lists. You will thank yourself later for being organized, prioritized, and accomplished. 

Get organized with prioritizing your tasks at home or in the classroom.

Click here to download your free TWO-DO LIST so you can get organized today! There are two options including a full sheet as well as a half sheet for easy use in a planbook or calendar. 


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    1. I've used an Erin Condren Teacher Planner for 2 years now and I love it. You can check them out using this link.