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I'm Jealous of Your Phone

"I'm jealous of your phone because it gets all of your attention."
- Jon Ellsworth

The Honest Truth About Social Media and Cell Phone Addiction

Sitting there on my bed early that morning after my husband tried to simply ask a question while my fingers busily scrolled through liking the latest Instagram posts, I became annoyed by his interruptions as he could sense that I didn't want to be bothered by him. He walked out and I spent the rest of the day ignoring him because how dare he try to interrupt my Facebook viewing, Pinterest pinning and Instagram liking!

Later that night we did have to face each other and have an adult conversation about the morning events. My husband calmly suggested to me that maybe I should think about the time I spend on my phone and possibly try the apps that show you exactly how much time is spent each day on popular social media. I was agitated by this and quickly became defiant. Deep down I knew I didn't want this and I didn't want to admit to my husband he was right. I knew that if I downloaded the app and began watching the hours wasted each day on social media I would become very aware.

But it wasn't until his words, "I'm jealous of your phone because it gets all of your attention" spoken by my sweet and very patient husband, that I immediately realized...

 I have a problem.

I tried to conceal my realization but tears soon came and it was then that I spoke from my heart that I am absorbed in social media and it was causing me to distance myself from my REAL life. My phone was chained to my hands. I check my phone first thing in the morning. I spend minutes before work on social media checking everyone else's updates. During my lunch break I choose to browse more social media (as if I didn't get enough before work) instead of having a real conversation with my coworkers. At home my phone notifications distract me from my home obligations of cleaning, cooking, laundry, and yard work. My husband doesn't get my full attention in conversations we are having at the dinner table or while spending those precious hours together in the evening where we should be unwinding from our crazy day.

The Honest Truth About Social Media and Cell Phone Addiction

My phone addiction repeats itself each and every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I can't get back the amount of time that has been lost because of my social media addiction. I can't go back and spend those lost hours with my husband, family, friends or coworkers.

But I can move forward.

I can improve the future. I can do the things that I enjoy without the distraction of my cell phone. My cell phone is an object. People are real. Relationships are priceless. Feelings are what matter most. My husband should not feel jealous of an object that is getting all of my time, energy and attention. My cell phone should be the jealous one. It should be jealous of the love and attention I give to my husband and those around me.

Do you feel like you are addicted to social media or your cell phone in general? Do you distance yourself from family and friends because of your addiction without knowing you do so? Is your husband, children, or friends jealous of your cell phone?

I have some helpful tips that will help give you back your life, time, and happiness.

The Honest Truth About Social Media and Cell Phone Addiction

First, stop pushing that round button on the bottom of your phone to check for notifications. TURN THESE OFF. For many of us these notifications distract us and keep us from getting tasks done and spending quality time with those around us. 

Next, delete pointless apps from your phone. They drain your battery and they drain you

Then, turn your phone off at night or leave the device in another room. Yes, this might mean you will have to get an old fashion alarm clock but it will be worth it

Finally, put your phone down and have a meaningful conversation with those that matter most. Give your children the attention they deserve when they are with you. Be an example to them that you don't need a phone in your hands at all times.

Don't let your phone control your life. Don't give it the attention that you should be giving to those that love you. Make your cell phone be jealous of your family and friends because they get more time with you.


  1. Very well said. Reading this made me think of my time online/phone. I complain about my son always being on his Ipad yet I'm yelling at him with my phone in my hand. Thank you!

  2. Well said! It is so easy to let our phones control our lives. I find that once I get on social media, I don't realize how much time I'm wasting. Another good idea is to limit the time, even if it means setting a timer. I try to keep my morning check-in to 15 minutes and then get on with my day.

  3. So random that you posted this! Another blogger that I follow says she's quitting blogging because she's ready to live her life in the now and not what she posts online. Great post - we all need to take a step back!

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