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Make A Note and Cherish The Memories

As the end of the year approaches we begin to reflect on the past and cherish the memories we have made with our students. We hope that throughout the year we have made an impact on our student's hearts and minds. We've been their greatest fans as we have cheered them. We motivated and encouraged them to reach for the stars every step of the way.

Teacher Notes for Future Graduates

Each year as teachers, we often receive the "Oh The Places You'll Go" book from parents with a request to write a message for their child. This book is a wonderful way to keep each teacher's memories and thoughts together to share with the child upon their graduation day! As a parent if you haven't began a keepsake for your child's graduation, it's never too late. In fact I have a great idea for all the parents AND teachers so that we can ensure our students do cherish their school memories forever.

For Parents:
Visit the local dollar store and grab a variety of graduation cards. Make sure to get a card and envelope for each year until your child is a senior. Place them in a manila envelope and each year have your child's teacher choose a graduation card from the envelope, write a message and seal the card. You can save all the cards until that special day when you present the gift of cherished memories from all the teachers that have encouraged your child along the way!

For Teachers:
Depending on your school and class each year, taking time to write a special note to each of your students is important. Not all your students will bring a book for you to write in or a set of graduation cards to record your thoughts in to save for graduation day. You can still do something though for each of your kids! Even if they get one teacher to give them a special message for their graduation day, that is all that matters for them to remember you and the difference you made in their lives.

Make or purchase a class set of graduation cards or blank notecards. Write a personalized message to each of your students telling them the things you admired about them throughout the year. Let them know you believe in them and can't wait to see who they become in the future. Seal each envelope and address it to the student. Make a note that they can't open it until a certain date (include the date that matches the month and year of their graduation).

These notes and cards will be kept in your student's hearts forever. You will give them a little piece of you to cherish and take with them throughout their lives. They will continue to believe in themselves and keep trying always because they had a teacher that loved and cherished the time with them.

For those of you would rather write or type a letter to each of your students, I've included a letter template that can be printed off and written on or typed on for your special note to your future graduates!


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