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Becoming a Digital Teacher

I'm so excited to partner with maurices to bring you this blog post about digital classrooms and teacher-style inspiration.

This year, classrooms are going more digital than ever before. We are seeing a number of different devices in the classroom even beginning as early as kindergarten. Students are using tablets to research, practice skills, create, code and much more. As our students step into the next generation of learning we as teachers need to be up to date with the trends of the classroom. We should be the examples to our students as we use technology in our instruction and planning.

For most teachers, technology can be scary. Tablets, laptops, educational software and other types of technology in our classrooms can be overwhelming. Keeping up with the ever changing wave of technology advancements can turn a teacher off to the idea of becoming a digital classroom. Going digital doesn't happen over night. Teachers have to take one step at a time in becoming a digital teacher. We also have to be aware that not all schools and districts are the same. Not all schools have 1:1 iPads for every child. Some schools barely have teacher workstations with a computer or laptop. I'm here to share a few easy ways to become a digital teacher no matter what your situation is. It's time to learn how to adapt to the technology day that we live in and learn to become better teachers for our techie students who will one day become engineers, doctors, teachers, and other careers that utilize technology every single day. It's the way the world is going and we must move forward with it.

1. My first suggestion in becoming a digital teacher is become familiar with the devices you have in your classroom. If possible, take them home for a few days and play around with them. Use the tablets to play games, type a letter to a friend, search the internet or listen to music. Becoming familiar with these devices and their capabilities will help you think of great ways to use these amazing devices in your classroom.

2. Try to go paperless in one simple way this year. Instead of printing a newsletter try emailing the newsletter to your parents or adding the link to your class webpage. This is a very easy thing to do using Google Drive. All you need to do is edit the newsletter template and then send the link to your parents in an email. To view the newsletter, the parents click on the link and there it is! You can find directions and newsletter templates in my Digital and Printable Newsletter pack.


3. Be confident and ask your students for help. Your students are the technology experts. Let them teach you something for a change, You will be blown away with what your students can teach you!

4. Create digital lesson plans easily each week. You will gain knowledge and expertise on online programs, uploading, editing, and much more. Take a chance and retire the paper planbook. Take a step out of your comfort zone and try it out. You will find that you will love the ease of being able to access your lesson plans from ANY device ANYwhere. Using Google Drive you can save and edit your plans there and make changes and view on your phone, computer or tablet. My Digital Teacher Planner gives you directions and all the pages you need to stay organized and paperless this school year!

 Digital Teacher Planner

5. Finally, know your outcomes before using the technology in your classroom. Don't use the iPads in your classroom to say you used them or to check off something from your list. Technology needs a purpose. Technology is a tool for you and your students. Find a love for it and model it to your students every day. The more you include it for a meaningful purpose the better it will be for your children and they will achieve more.

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