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About Me

My name is Ashlyn Ellsworth and I'm the teacher behind The Creative Classroom. I spend most of my day being a 2nd grade teacher here in Arizona. During my free time I create and share my ideas with teachers around the world. My creative ideas are for the busy teacher who wants to share creativity with their students each and every day. 
I've been married for 10 wonderful years to my creative husband Jon. We enjoy building and creating beautiful furniture and home decor for our home and our friends and family's too! Both of our creative minds work great together and we compliment one another well.
I'm a lover of crafts, fashion, interior design, organization, Target shopping and Diet Coke. Many would say I'm always smiling and finding positivity in everything that I do. 
***This blog contains affiliate links for Amazon. By purchasing items on using these links, I receive a small commission on your purchase.***

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  1. I really like your bulletin boards! How did you create/make the letters inside the circles and stars?